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This blog has been created to share the collective knowledge and experience of both members and partners of the VGSN community. Together we provide a resource that can be utilized to improve all aspects and quality of the experience of guests visiting the greater Victoria region!

If you have information that fits one of our categories and can put together an interesting blog with pictures, video, or both, please draft your blog and insert it into an email where you can draft and post your experiences! In your blog, please note where you would like your pictures or video inserted. Note that all blogs will be reviewed by our social networking team will not be posted if inappropriate.

Our Blog posting guidelines and tips will help you prepare your blog. So please read these suggestions prior to creating your post!  When you have your blog ready, please email it to this contact.   


We invite all VGSN members to submit blogs. Also, any of our DesignatedPartners (SEE PARTNERS PAGE) are also invited to post as well. 

Welcome to the VGSN community, and we look forward to your entries!

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