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The Top Five Reasons Why A Victoria Food Tour is a "Victoria Must Do"

Updated: Oct 23, 2020

  1. Eat Local Food: Victoria is a foodie lovers dream! In fact, we have more restaurants per capita than anywhere else in Canada and for good reason. From fresh seafood to world class chocolatiers, our restaurants, bakeries, fishmongers, food trucks and more are top notch and worth exploring.

2.Support Small Businesses: On a food tour you will visit multiple local family owned businesses that help Victoria’s culinary scene thrive. No big chains or fast food giants on a food tour.

3. Discover a Hidden Gem: Some of the best cuisine is often tucked away and off the main tourist path. Locals know and love the small and unique hidden gems but it can sometimes be hard for a visitor to find them. A food tour will take you to these delicious secrets and a local guide can offer up some great recommendations for further exploration.

4. Meet The Locals: Let a guide introduce you to the chefs, butchers, sommeliers and amazing service staff that are waiting to make your experience in Victoria authentic and memorable.

5. Learn Something New: A food tour is more than just food! Each tour includes history, stories, architecture and more. So not only do you get an informative and interesting walking tour but you also get a great meal!

I discovered that "Off The Eaten Track" is Victoria’s oldest and biggest food tour company in Victoria! I have an "escape winter plan" and will visit them again as they are operating two tours over the winter. I was really impressed how they strictly obey health safety protocols.

I plan to check out these two tours on my next visit: The Downtown Food & City Tour and the new Chocolate & Churches Food Tour. What a great way to eat, drink, and explore Victoria with an experienced local foodie guide. Getting off the Eaten Track is a fantastic experience! You can visit their website at

Blog submitted by Bonnie Todd

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