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Must Try This Great Attraction in Greater Victoria!

Updated: Apr 27, 2020

Butterfly Gardens is one of a handful of World Class Attractions in Greater Victoria

Victoria Butterfly Garden’s 12,000 square feet of a tropical jungle-like eco-system awaits you. There is bound to be something that will astound you at every turn, so take your time and look closely so you don’t miss anything.

The gardens are filled with lush tropical plants home to ducks, flamingos, rare tropical birds, poison dart frogs, tortoises, turtles, giant koi and thousands of free flying butterflies. Some may even land on you for a short time! Among the tropical plants you will find vanilla beans growing on the vine, papaya trees, pineapple, coffee beans, and ginger. Staff is always available to answer questions about the feeding butterflies, the amazing blooms and the rare and carnivorous plants growing in the gardens.

This is a great place to have a mini tropical vacation during you stay on our lovely island. Here you will find something interesting for all ages. It is near the world famous Butchart Gardens so you can easily visit both attractions in one day and have time for other activities. Be sure to bring your camera as the garden is full of great photo opportunities. If you can manage to come on a sunny day, the butterflies are a bit more active!

Are you ready for your vibrant jungle experience!

You are about to see thousands of tropical butterflies (approximately 70 species) flying though a tropical paradise almost three basketball courts in size!With surprises at every turn, you’ll encounter poison dart frogs, tortoises, large iguanas,surprises at every turn, you’ll encounter poison dart frogs, tortoises, large iguanas, flamingos, tropical ducks, free flying tropical birds and more. Stroll through and marvel at our lush gardens including tropical flowers, carnivorous plants and fruits of the world.

Be sure to check out the newest exhibit, the Insectarium. This attraction has an impressive display of insects & invertebrates from around the world. Take your time to explore as each time you circle the garden you will likely see something new. Don’t be shy! Engage the friendly staff and ask questions! Have fun!Your jungle adventure awaits.

If I was publishing a list of the top 10 things to do while in Greater Victoria, this would be high on the list. Don’t miss it! Be sure to take home a memento from their well stocked gift shop.

I trust you have enjoyed a brief look at the magnificent colours, plants, and creatures that make this tropical paradise on attraction you will not miss. Visits to Butterfly Gardens never grow old on me! Did you find the butterfly sitting on my shoulder? This could be you!


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