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Ice Cream - An Island Moment

Updated: Sep 12, 2020

It is Mid-April and the days are warming up! Soon the "summer sun" will be beating down on us. Soon it will be hot, hot, hot outside. Think ice cream! What a cool idea! For years the Beacon Drive Inn has served up some of the best soft serve ice cream in the nation. It has won “the best of the city” awards many times. On a hot day you can expect a line up of 20-40 people. Don’t worry, they usually have lots of staff working on hot days.

If you are hungry, the food is decent but I go there for the ice cream.

It is right across the street west of Beacon Hill Park, so spend the day at the park and have lots of ice cream. This is truly an “island moment” Victoria style. Enjoy!

Now the important thing to notice so far that this is very good soft Ice Cream but ice cream goes a way past soft. "Great Ice Cream" goes well beyond soft and includes Sorbet and Gelato!

The good ice cream is made with natural ingredients and is not laced with chemicals and preservatives.

The only thing that bugs me when buying ice cream is when the price is high and the quantity is low.

Image Source: Times Colonist

So here is a list of places where you can get some more of the good stuff. A few have won national recognition!

Cold Comfort in Ferwood, 1115 North Park

Chocolats Favoris - 1010 Government Street

Kid Sister - 10 Fan Tan Alley

Parachute Ice Cream - #105 2626 Bridge Street

Mosi Gelato - 101-569 Johnson Street

Jackson's at Fisherman's Wharf

Red Barn - Throughout the City - have limited flavours but what a good deal- volume wise and they use Island Farms Ice Cream

Now if you travel up island to head for Tofino or Ucluelet - head for the Coombs Country Market. They have the most choice of anywhere I have ever been, and they give ample proportions for a decent price.

I love ice cream! How about you?

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