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A Fun Day Trip to Salt Spring Island

Updated: Sep 15, 2020

Salt Spring Island is one of the closest Gulf Islands to Victoria, which makes it perfect to escape from city life.

As the largest island in Gulf Islands National Park, there are many things to see and explore.

This rural vibrant island community is best known for outdoor adventure, agricultural and artisan attractions.

Let's start an exciting day!

How to get there?

Salt Spring Island is accessible from two ferry ports on Vancouver Island: Swartz Bay and Crofton. The trip time is approximately 30 minutes.

Although Swartz Bay is the closest ferry terminal to Victoria, guests can also make a circle tour through the Cowichan Valley by departing from Crofton to Salt Spring Island, and returning through Swartz Bay.

Travel Tip: Save money on this route by using the BC Ferries Experience Card.

On the ferry ride to Salt Spring Island, you can enjoy stunning scenery and potentially see marine wildlife.

Although public transportation is available, it is recommended to have your own vehicle or bicycles for your trip. If you plan to travel through Crofton, you will arrive at Vesuvius Bay on Salt Spring Island.

Stop #1 - Lavender and Black

This is a boutique family operated lavender farm that specializes in organic essential oils and fragrances. They also make delicious Lavender Ice Cream! It is part of the Salt Spring Island Studio Tour! At the lavender farm, you can also learn the process of extracting the oil from the plants.

As you walk through the farm, you can smell the scent of Lavender and Immortelle. At the end of the farm, there are two benches for you to sit and enjoy the view of the ocean. Maybe a ferry will pass!

Stop #2 - Salt Spring Wild Cider

This craft cider company specializes in ciders that are made with wild pears and apples that grow on Salt Spring Island.

The beautiful rural setting is the perfect place to enjoy lunch while enjoying the Salt Spring countryside.

Stop #3 - Salt Spring Apple Company

The Salt Spring Apple Company has an organic orchard and provides a tasting room with a

gorgeous ocean view.

They provide different flights of cider tasting, and if you bring your kids with you, they provide juice tasting, too!

Stop #4 - Salt Spring Island Cheese

This cheese company produces delicious goat cheese that is made on Salt Spring Island.

As you walk to the entrance, there is a station that provides free tasting! Each person can choose up to three flavors to sample. There are more than 10 flavors of cheese, including chili, basil, flower, garlic, and spicy to name a few. You can also tour the cheese-making facilities and goat farm.

Stop #5 - Ruckle Provincial Park

In Ruckle Provincial Park, you can enjoy a panoramic ocean view as you watch the ferries pass by. It is a great spot for a picnic where you are hidden in the wilderness, or you can also camp overnight. As you sit on one of the benches, you can watch the waves crash against the rocks beneath you.

Getting back home to Victoria is really easy as the park is situated very close to the Fulford Harbor Ferry Terminal for the return ferry ride to Swartz Bay (Victoria). You won't need to pay again for the return ferry journey.

Travel Tip: If you visit Salt Spring Island on a Saturday, be sure to visit the Salt Spring Market.

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